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Calcium Treatment Units (CTUs)

BanHard Calcium Treatment Units (or CTUs) are an extremely effective range of water filter systems which contain de-alkalisation media to reduce limescale and improve the taste of incoming feed water to most commercial water heating and cooling equipment including vending equipment, coffee machines, combination ovens, water boilers and baking ovens. Left unprotected this kitchen equipment will form a build of lime scale which will damage elements, chamber and sensors. This will lead to high cost break downs and service call outs causing unwanted kitchen down time.

BanHard CTU Vessel Range Head Selection Guide

The Banhard range of CTUs can come with 4 different types of Head which connects to the tank. The type you need depending on the type of equipment that will be used with the CTUs. 

TYPE 1: 2 Ports - BLACK /BLUE -  Typical uses include coffee machines, water boilers and bulk brewersThe 2 port head (2PDR) has a single inlet and single outlet. The integral bypass allows approximately 30%* untreated water to pass through, to improve taste, colour and odour, and increase capacity.

TYPE 2: 2 Ports - RED- Typical uses include coffee machines, low usage/high hardness applications, combination ovens, including Convotherm, Fagor, Falcon & Electrolux (see Type 3 for ovens with quench).This vessel has a 2 port drilled head (2PDR1.5), a single inlet/outlet, together with a bypass that allows approximately 18%* untreated water to pass through to service.

TYPE 3: 3 Port - BLACK-Used for combination ovens including Rational, Electrolux, Elona, Lincat, Hupperbusch, Lainox, Falcon and MKN (check equipment requirements).The 3 port head has a single inlet and 2 outlets. One of the outlets gives treated water (18%* blend) for feeding steam generators.

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