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Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens



Why use water filtration in your restaurant / commercial kitchen?

Water filtration systems provide two key benefits for your commercial kitchen or restaurant:

  • Restaurant equipment maintenance and breakdowns can be reduced by as much as 75%, saving you the cost of replacing very expensive machinery and / or service call outs.
  • Filtration improves the taste / quality of ice and beverages.

Restaurant equipment that uses water, such as ice machines, coffee and espresso makers, steamers and dishwashers can all benefit from a water filtration system. Mineral deposits (also known as "scale") build up on the heating coils and evaporator plates of these machines, causing them to run inefficiently or worse still, breakdown. Water filters with scale inhibitors are particularly beneficial for ice machines, as ice will appear clearer and break up easier than non-filtered ice, not to mention taste better to the customer.

Water filtration either removes or reduces:

  • Chemicals
  • Sediment
  • Minerals
  • Organic Matter

The presence of these elements in your commercial kitchen or restaurant's water affects water taste and odour of your end product and increases the likelihood of maintenance problems or equipment breakdown.

Free Site Survey
We welcome the opportunity to visit you at your premises to review the equipment you currently have installed, weight up your requirements and offer advice regarding suitable alternatives to your existing water treatment. We can also offer pricing for filter exchanges on your existing equipment. Please contact us quoting 'CATERER' to arrange your free site survey.

We can supply systems that have been specifically designed for:

ice-machine-filters.jpg Ice Machines
The Pentair Everpure Insurice system reduces water-related ice machine problems caused by scale build-up from dirt and dissolved minerals as well as inhibiting potential bacterial growth and reducing chlorine taste and odour.

coffee-machine-filters.jpg Coffee Machines
There's a knack to making a really good cup of coffee and high quality feed-water to your machine is crucial. Andrew's offer a wide range of filtration options depending on the capacity / level of filtration you require. If you're not sure which filter would benefit you best, please contact us.

vending-machine-filters.jpgVending Machines
The quality of beverages dispensed from vending machines can be improved and internal boilers and heating elements can be made to last longer by using a water filtration system. We also stock a comprehensive range of fittings, hoses and installation accessories for the vending market - contact us for details.

The following filters are the mainstay of our professional kitchen range:

Please bear in mind that we have access to many more filters and systems than we could possibly put on our website, so if you don't see what you need or you have any queries then please do get in touch. We are also happy to offer no pressure advice regarding the potential use / installation of any of our filters. If you're not certain whether you'd benefit from water filtration or which type of filter to use, please call us for a chat.