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Claris XL Undersink DIY Filter System with standard faucet tap


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Product Description

Claris EXTRA LARGE Undersink DIY Filter System with Tap

This system comes with everything you need to do a DIY installation designed to fit under your sink.

Kit includes: John Guest 15mmx 15mm x 3/8" mains fitting, tubing, Claris head, XL Claris filter and standard faucet tap.

The capacity of the filter in this kit is 8,000 litres based on 180 PPM.

Originally designed for use to protect and provide great tasting water for Coffee machines, this system is becoming very popular with domestic users who have had difficulties with scale. The specialised media used in this filter makes it a premium way to get scale out of your water supply.

We can make up kits to suit your needs: if you would like a different tap or a bigger capacity filter please feel free to call us on 01704 531556.

The Everpure Claris system has been designed for the exacting requirements of the food service market and can be used for multiple applications such as:

  • Coffee and espresso machines.
  • Hot drink vending machines.
  • Undersink drinking water.
  • Combi steamers and self-cooking systems.
  • Steam cookers and ovens.

If you live in a hard water area, then your drinking water will contain many dissolved minerals & metals, resulting in scale build-up, not only in kettles but also in expensive coffee machines, potentially resulting in machine downtime and pricey maintenance bills. At the same time, coffee connoisseurs will tell you that a certain amount of hardness in the water is necessary for proper extraction of flavour from the coffee bean.

The Claris filter system has been designed specifically with this dilemma in mind; its 5 stage filtration system removes contaminants and unpleasant odours & tastes while the patented DuoBlend bypass valve in the filter head allows the user to finely adjust a small amount of hardness back into the water for a fuller flavour from their coffee.

This is a 'xl' size filter with a maximum capacity of 8,000 litres. Larger sizes to suit any capacity are available on our Everpure Filters page.

View the manufacturer's data sheet for this item.

For friendly, no pressure advice regarding the installation and use of this product, please contact us.

It is quite easy to fit this system yourself. A lot of people are under the misconception that they would need a plumber to fit the system which is not the case. The saddle valve that makes the connection from your cold water pipe is self- piercing and can be easily fitted yourself using the below instructions.

   Full instructions are provided with the system

 Identify the mains cold water pipe, using a section that is straight and free from paint, scratches or dents. Connect the saddle valve to the cold-water pipe. Finger tighten the clamp by turning the bottom nut. Then tighten properly with a spanner. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. One or two spanner turns after finger tight should do. The aim is simply to make the saddle valve immovable on the pipe.

 Once saddle clamp is secured firmly on the pipe, turn the T bar tap on the saddle clamp clockwise until is stops turning. (This will pierce the pipe with a metal pin – invisibly). Turning the T bar tap a few turns back will allow the water flow. Only do this when you are ready to ‘start up’ the system.

The Faucet tap is also straight forward to fit by following the below instructions.

Select a position for the tap on the counter or sink shoulder, you may already have a removable cap that will reveal a hole for your tap. The faucet should be located in a position that gives a flow of water into the sink bowl. Ensure (check) that you have enough room below the desired position to connect the tubing to the tap. Using a centre pop (or nail) mark where the centre of the tap stud will be and drill a 12mm hole through the surface. Secure the tap in place by using the fixing kit provided.

Carriage is free to UK mainland.


Product Videos

How To Install & Set Up A Pentair Everpure Claris Ultra Water Filter System 11:19

Learn how to install and set up a Pentair Everpure Claris Ultra water filter system. 0:10 - Introduction 0:45 - System Components 2:05 - How To Assemble The System 4:14 - How To Setup The System 5:38 - How To Use The Water Test Kit 7:33 - How To Set The Bypass 9:37 - How To Flush The Filter https://www.aquacure.co.uk/everpure-claris-ultra-cartridges-range The Everpure Claris Ultra range is designed to help find the best balance between protecting equipment and achieving the desired quality of brewed coffee, espresso or ice cubes by consistently maintaining an acceptable acidity level. All cartridges offer a 5 stage filtration process, which includes: - Prefiltration - Carbonate hardness adjustment - Fine filtration - Highly effective carbon block - Solid membrane filter The system uses the Everpure DuoBlend™ head which features a bypass valve that not only makes the system suitable for many different types of equipment (from coffee and vending machines to steam ovens) but also allows users to compensate for regional variations in water hardness. Ideal for all hot drinks vending, coffee machine and ice making applications. Available in 6 cartridge sizes with capacities ranging from 1,700 litres to 20,000 litres based on an influent water hardness of 180 ppm with standard bypass settings.

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